Comparison of Death Anxiety between Clinical and Non-Clinical Population
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Individuals with psychological disorders, healthy individuals, Indigenous Death Anxiety Scale, mental health professionals


The aim of the present study was to compare the level of death anxiety among individuals with psychological disorders and healthy individuals (N=150). Individuals with psychological disorders (n=75) were approached from different branches of Karachi Psychiatric Hospital, Karachi Pakistan and healthy individuals (n=75) were approached through purposive convenient sampling technique. The participants of both groups were matched on the basis of several demographic variables (Age, Education, Gender, Religious Inclination & Socio-Economic Status).  Indigenous Death Anxiety Scale (Faiza & Malik, 2017) was used to assess death anxiety. An independent sample t-test supported the hypothesis for differences between two groups. An overall higher level of death anxiety was found in individuals with psychological disorders as compared to healthy individuals. Comparison between individuals of the clinical group, diagnosed with neurotic and psychotic disorders yield significant differences in the level of death anxiety. Furthermore, results showed that patients suffering from neurotic disorders experience higher levels of death anxiety. Significant differences were also found in individuals with psychological disorders on the basis of their level of religiosity. Findings suggest that patients with higher religious interest showed higher death anxiety as compared to patients with lower religious interests. Current study has important implications for mental health professionals.

Article 1