Indigenous Scale for Assessing Maternal Perception of Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Adolescents
Article 1


Perceived emotional and behavior problems, adolescents, mothers, reliability, validity


The aim of the study was to develop an indigenous scale for measuring the perceptive
of mothers about their adolescents’ emotional and behavioral problems. To assess first
of all phenomenology was explored by interviewing 20 mothers and then a list of 45
items was generated and was administered through cross-sectional research design on
238 sample (112 boys & 126 girls) studying in class 6 to 10. The analysis revealed 4
factors on the scale termed as Perceived Emotional and Behavioral Problems (PEBP)
which were Aggression, Academic problem, Detachment and Withdrawal. The
psychometric properties were found out acceptable with cronbach alpha 0.89, split
half reliability 0.81 and test-retest reliability r=0.71. The scale could further be
implemented in counseling the parents and devising intervention plans to prevent the
perceived problems of adolescents by parents

Article 1
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