Other Side of Academic Dishonesty: A Teachers’ Perspective
Article - 4


Academic dishonesty, acts of academic dishonesty, characteristics of individuals, reasons of academic dishonesty, teachers, students, administration


The current study is aimed at exploring the teachers’ perspective of
academic dishonesty in higher education institutes of Karachi, Pakistan by
employing qualitative research method. Data was collected through in-depth
qualitative interviews with university teachers (N=4) working in public
(n=2) and private (n=2) sector universities of Karachi, belonging to faculty
of social sciences who were approached through convenient sampling
technique. The data was analysed through critical reflective thematic
analysis. Three major themes have been generated i.e. acts, reasons of AD
and characteristics of individuals (teachers, students & administration) who
are engaged in it. The findings showed that AD was defined as a lack or
absence of certain tangible and intangible practices and actions. As far as the
reasons of AD are concerned, different reasons have been identified for
teachers, students and administration. Teachers are engaged in AD as they
want to maintain their self-image or are incompetent. The students indulge
in these acts because of their personal and social reasons. Lastly,
administrative staff is involved in AD because they either want money or
they are ineligible for the job and its requirements. To control AD, strict
measures need to be taken with the help of administration, teachers and
parents of students. Finally, if the intangible acts can be controlled then
separate measures should be taken for teachers, students and administration.
The findings of the current study are important for the policymaking and its
implementation to control AD.

Article - 4
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