cio-Demographic Correlates of Quality of Life in Injection Based Drug Users with Comorbidity of HIV/AIDS
Article - 5


Socio-demographic variables, HIV/AIDS, Quality of Life (QOL), IDUs (Injection based Drug Users), ART (Antiretroviral Therapy)


Quality of Life (QOL) of the patients suffering from a lifelong disease is influenced by many aspects.  It is important to discern these factors to offer better health and social care facilities.  This study was aimed at analyzing the Quality of life in relation with socio-demographic variables of Injection based Drug Users (IDU) living with HIV/AIDS.  A quantitative, correlational survey research was done with a purposive sample of N=150 male IDUs with HIV positive, age ranging from 18-58 years (M=±29.7; SD=6.8), being catered in a specialized service unit under SACP (Sindh AIDS Control Program) Karachi, Pakistan. After taking the informed consent, the data was gathered through using Demographic Information Sheet, followed by the Urdu version of World Health Organization Quality of Life-Brief (WHOQOL- BREF; Khan, Akhter, Ayub, Alam, & Laghari, 2003), which is a short form instrument to evaluate the QOL. Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis was performed.The relationships between QOL and demographic variables and clinical characteristics were examined. A relationship was identified between dissatisfaction with health and poor QOL. The results of the analysis also revealed that education, employment, taking ART (Antiretroviral Therapy), time since diagnosis and duration of treatment are associated with QOL. Hence, it is concluded that QOL is multifaceted and is influenced by socio-demographic variables in IDUs comorbid with HIV/AIDS.

Article - 5