Usage of Social Media, Age, Introversion and Narcissism: A Correlational Study
Article - 3


Social media, Social Networking Sites (SNS), introversion, narcissism, age


The present research focused on the relationship between usage of social media and its association with age and psychological issues (limited to introversion & narcissism). Participants who are social media users (N=120) were selected through purposive convenient sampling method. Self-report measurement of Introversion (McCroskey, 1984), Narcissistic Personality Inventory-16 (Ames, Daniel, Rose, Paul, & Anderson, 2006) and demographic were used for data collection. The results showed a significant negative relationship between age and social media usage and moderate positive relationship between introversion and narcissism with usage of social media. Moreover introversion and narcissism were found to be significant predictors for the usage of social media. Present study has important implications for eradicating excessive use of social media.

Article - 3