Walt Disney and Emotional Intelligence


Purpose of this study is to determine the longitudinal effect of Walt Disney animated cartoons on the emotional intelligence of the youth. Study examined the difference of Emotional Intelligence in Regular Disney Watchers and Non-Disney Watchers among the university students of Karachi and the study also determine the gender differences in Emotional Intelligence scores of the young adults (only Disney Watchers) of Karachi. Data collection was done using a consent form, demographic information, Walt Disney checklist and Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSREIT). The data was statistically analyzed by using the SPSS software package and t-test was used to calculate the results. Results reveal that Most Regular Disney Watchers (N=34) of Karachi scored higher on Emotional Intelligence than the Non-Disney Watchers (N=33) (Significance level 0.05). Gender comparison was done within the Disney Watchers (N=179). No significant difference was noted in total Emotional Intelligence scores of Male Disney Watchers (n=87) and Female Disney Watchers (n=92). Same was the result for all subcomponents except for the scale of Managing Others Emotions, in which a significant difference was noted between the scores of Male Disney Watchers and Female Disney Watchers (Significance level 0.05).

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