Emotional Indicators on Human Figure Drawing Test of Mentally Retarded Children with and without Hyperactivity
Article 2


Emotional indicators mentally retarded, hyperactivity, mild and moderate severity


The aim of the present study was to investigate the emotional indicators in the Human Figure Drawing of mentally retarded children with and without hyperactivity. It will help in finding out the emotional expression of mentally disabled children. The design of the study is descriptive.  It was hypothesized that mentally retarded children with hyperactivity would score high on emotional indicators of Human Figure Drawing Test (HFD) as compared to mentally retarded non hyperactive children. A purposive sample of 60 mentally retarded children 30 with mild, and moderate severity and with hyperactivity and 30 with mild and moderate severity and without hyperactivity with the age range of 6-18 years, was taken from special schools of Karachi city. Human Figure Drawing Test (HFD) was applied to evaluate emotional problems and Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder Test (ADHD - T) was applied to explore the hyperactivity of the mentally retarded children. The percentage method of descriptive statistics was applied for statistical analysis. The results show that mentally retarded children with hyperactivity have more emotional problems than mentally retarded children without hyperactivity.

Article 2