A Correlational Approach to Relational Aggression: Assessing Individual, Family and Classroom Variables/Determinants of Relational Aggression among Adolescents
Article 3


Adolescents, relational aggression, relational victimization, social support, family dynamic, classroom setting


The present study examined the prevalence and correlates in experiencing and perpetrating relational aggression in the context of adolescents’ perceived parental relationship and friendships at academic setting. A sample (N=400) consisted of adolescents (n=200 boys and n=200 girls) was selected through stratified sampling from public and private schools and colleges. Multiple statistical analyses indicated the relationship and determinants/correlates of relational aggression including age, gender, class, parental rearing styles, parental education, number of siblings, family system, private/public academic institutes, and social support at school/college setting. The results would help in identification, intervention and prevention of relational aggression’s perpetration and victimization at multi-cultural settings including educational, counseling, social and scientific research.

Article 3
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