Personality Traits as Predictor of Job Performance in Police Officers
Article 3


Personality traits, openness, job performance, police officers


The present study purported to probe the relationship between different personality traits and job performance of police officers. It was hypothesized that there is likely to be significant positive relationship between big five personality traits and job performance of police officers and accordingly this was hypothesized that personality traits are likely to be the significant predictors of job performance of police officers. Using cross sectional research design, a sample of (100) police officers was recruited through nonprobability purposive sampling technique from various police stations of Lahore. Different Personality traits and job performance were measured through translated versions of Big Five Personality Questionnaire (Oliver, 1999) and modified and adapted Job Performance Appraisal (Schraeder, 2007) respectively, while a self-constructed demographic questionnaire was designed to record demographic data. Data was analyzed through SPSS version 23.00. Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Stepwise Regression analyses were employed. The results showed that positive personality traits (i.e., openness, conscientiousness, extroversion and agreeableness) had positive association with job performance whereas neuroticism had negative relationship with job performance. Results also reflect that openness to experience was sole and significant predictor of job performance. Hence openness in personality traits may lead to produce better police officers. These findings carry significant implications for policy makers, administrators, and recruitment policy makers of police department.

Article 3