Relationship between Self-concept and Career Maturity in Pakistani High School Students
Article 1


Self-concept, career maturity, high school students, gender


The present study was designed to explore the relationship between self-concept and career maturity in high school students. Further, gender differences on both constructs were determined. For this purpose, N=62 high school girls and boys approached contacted from various schools of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan through purposive convenient sampling. The information was obtained by the Urdu adjective checklist (Ansari, Farooqi, Khan, & Yasmin, 1982) and the Career Maturity Inventory - Urdu Version (Attitude scale; Zahra, 2017). After the collection of data, Pearson product moment correlation and t-test was used to analyze the data. The results supported the hypotheses. Results showed that there is a significant strong positive correlation between self-concept and career maturity among high school students, while girls scored higher than boys on both self-concept and career maturity. Therefore, it can be concluded that in Pakistan, high school students’ career maturity is related to their self - concept.

Article 1