Urdu translation and adaptation of Career Maturity Inventory-Attitude Scale for high school students of Pakistan
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Career Maturity Inventory-Attitude, Translation, Adaptation, High School Students


Present study was designed to translate and adapt career maturity Inventory-Attitude scale in Urdu language for high school students. As the scale was available in English language which is widely less understandable in Pakistani government schools so it was decided to translate the attitude scale in our national Language-Urdu. For this sake panel of experts was arranged in which included psychologists, English linguists’ and language translators. Based on their recommendations and thorough literature review forward translation was done which leads to backward translation and pilot testing. Final scale was further standardized through statistical procedures. Findings showed that this scale to be good enough (r=.78) to use on Pakistani sample and for this research. Now the Pakistani youth is better able to accurately respond on carrier maturity-attitude measure.

Article 6
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