Efficacy of Schema Therapy for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Features
Article - 6


Schema therapy, treatment modality, features of borderline personality, pre-post experimental design


The present study aimed to explore the efficacy of schema therapy for young adults with features of borderline personality. It was hypothesized that features of borderline personality of participants would significantly reduce in posttest followed by schema therapy sessions. The participants of this study comprised of 9 young adult female (Age M=23.44; SD=2.12) from Karachi, Pakistan who were approached through a purposive convenient sampling technique. In a pre-post experimental design the participants were selected after their screening with the help of Borderline Symptom List-95 (BSL-95; Bohus et al., 2007). Twelve individual schema therapy-based sessions (adaptation of The Schema Therapy: Clinician’s Guide [Farrell, Reiss & Shaw, 2014]) were conducted.   Features of borderline personality of the participants were once again assessed in posttest with the same tool. The statistical analysis of pretest and posttest scores showed a significant decrease in features of borderline personality of the participants. Therefore, the results of the study put forth schema therapy as a promising therapeutic modality for enhancing mental health of individuals with borderline personality features. 

Article - 6
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