Music as Mood Regulatory Strategy among Adults and Adolescents
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Music, mood, mood regulation strategy, adults, adolescents


The present study aimed to discover prevalence rate of 29 mood regulatory strategies and demographic differences in mood regulation strategies through music. Self-regulating Strategies of Mood Questionnaire (Thayer, Newman & McClain,  1994), and Music in Mood Regulation Scale (Saarikallio & Erkkila, 2007) were administered (N=600) on adolescents (n=300; age range 13- 20 years) and aduts (n=300; age range 21-35 years). The results indicated music listening and watching TV as most preferred mood regulatory strategy; the most preferred mood regulatory strategies through music were entertainment, revival, and strong sensation. The findings also indicated a significant age, gender, education, and socioeconomic status difference based on music as mood regulation strategies. The findings of the current study can be used for developing different mood regulatory strategies.

Article - 1