Difference of Creative Styles between Shy and Non-Shy Adolescents
Article - 7


Creative styles, creativity, shy, non-shy, adolescents


The present study aimed to explore the difference of creative styles between shy and non-shy adolescents. The hypothesis of the current research is that there will be a significant difference in the creative styles of shy and non-shy adolescents. The participants of current study included 200 participants, comprising of both males (n=100) and females (n=100), shy (n=115) and non-shy (n=85) adolescents between the age range of 13-19 years. Participants were approached from different private schools of Karachi, Pakistan. Data collection was done using a consent form, demographic form, Revised Cheek and Buss Shyness Scale (Cheek & Buss, 1981) and The Creativity Style Questionnaire (Kumar, Kemmler & Haulman, 1997). The independent sample t-test revealed a significant difference in creative style of shy (M= 43.80) and non-shy (M= 32.20) adolescents. From the components of creative styles, Belief in Unconscious Process, Use of People, Final Product Orientation and Use of Senses were found to be significant, where all these components were high in non-shy adolescents as compared to shy adolescents except for Final Product Orientation which was found to be higher in shy adolescents. The components of Global Creative Capacity, Use of Technique, Environmental Control and Superstition were found to be non-significant, indicating that these components are not potentially effected by shyness. For future researches it is recommended that diverse and larger sample size should be used to improve the generalizability of the results.

Article - 7