The Psychometric Properties of the Inventory of Character Strengths (ICS): An Indigenously Developed Measure in Urdu
Article - 6


Character strengths, Inventory of Character Strengths (ICS), psychometric properties, item analysis, exploratory factor analysis


The purpose of this paper is to report the initial findings (item analysis & factorial structure) of a study intended to develop an indigenous measure, the Inventory of Character Strengths (ICS) in the Urdu language. A sample of 485 adults from different towns of Karachi, Pakistan, aged from 18-62 years (M=32.71; SD=8.80) were recruited and their responses on a 62 statements item pool were subjected to statistical analysis for item refinement, and then finally, 47 retained item scale was factor analyzed, using Varimax rotation. Items demonstrated good indices of internal consistency (r=.91, p<0.01) and item-total correlations were also within satisfactory range r=.30- r=.54 (p<0.01). Exploratory Factor Analysis resulted in a five-factor solution described as Temperance and humility, Self-regulation, Social facilitation and positivism, Honesty and perseverance, and Inquisitiveness and collaboration. The analysis established culture relevant domains of Character Strengths specific to Pakistani culture.

Article - 6