Emotional Intelligence, Occupational Stress, Problem Focused and Active Avoidance Coping Strategies of Female Teachers
Article - 4


Emotional intelligence, occupational stress, coping strategies, school teachers


Present study aimed to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence; problem focused coping strategy, occupational stress and active avoidance coping strategy among female School teachers of District Hyderabad through a quantitative correlational research. The participants of the present study comprised of 968 female government school teachers, between 22 to 52 years of age (M=36.07, SD=19.85). Simple random sampling was used for data collection. It is being hypothesized that the emotional intelligence of female teachers will be negatively correlated with occupational stress and positively correlated with problem focused coping strategy. Moreover, occupational stress would be positively correlated with active avoidance coping strategy. To test these hypotheses four measuring tools were used that is, Occupational Stress Scale (Sohail & Khanum, 2000), Self-Report Measure of Emotional Intelligence (Khan & Kamal 2010), Brief Cope Scale (Akhtar, 2005) and Personal Information Questionnaire. Findings of the present study supported the hypotheses and have important implications for educational sector, particularly for teachers’ training and development.

Article - 4