July 2015            Vol – 14, (2)

Self-Compassion and Positive Psychological Functioning in Women with Primary and Secondary Infertility
Jawaria Shaukat, Nida Zafar and Rukhsana Kausar
The Relationships between Socio-Cultural Attitudes towards Appearance Inherent in Media and Preoccupation with Body Shape among University Students.
Farhan Kamrani, Bushra Khan and Khadija Mustafa
Math Achievement as a Function of Math Anxiety and Perceived Teachers’ Social Support among Elementary Students.
Sarwat Sultan, Rizwana Amin and Muhammad Shahzad Naseem
The Difference of Depression and Coping Strategies among Infertile and Fertile Women.
Fozia Aamir Siddiqui
Psychological Adjustment as Predictor of Students Academic Achievement in Gilgit: Pakistan.
Sadiq Hussain and Ghulam Rasool Lakhani
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles in College Teachers.
Mazhar Iqbal Bhatti, Naila Batool, Muhammad Naveed Riaz and Muhammad Akram Riaz