July 2014                   Vol – 13, (2)

Relationship of Perceived Parental Behavior at the Stage of Adolescent with Life Satisfaction and Aggression of Adult Daughters
Ahmreen Kokeb, Seema Munaf and Beenish Khan
Emotional Indicators on Human Figure Drawing Test of Mentally Retarded Children with and without Hyperactivity
Shazia Hasan and Ummara Rauf and Noreen Begum
Impact of Attachment Styles on Internalizing and Externalizing Behavioral Problems among Children and their Academic Achievement
Muhammad Azam Tahir and Huma Faiz
Indirect Exposure to Violence and Prevalence of Vicarious Trauma in Adolescents
Ayza Yazdani and Khalida Shafi
Self-Esteem of Socially Anxious and Non- Anxious University Students
Saima Parvez and Erum Irshad
Reduction in Dysfunctional Thought Processes by the Use of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions among Pakistani Couples with Marital Dissatisfaction
Samia Omer Zuberi, Zainab F. Zadeh and Zainab Hussain Bhutto