January 2016                 Vol – 15, (1)

Personal and Job-Related Outcomes of Perceived Leadership Styles in Bank Employees
Shamshad Bashir, Sehrish Nawaz, M. Naveed Riaz and M. Akram Riaz
The Relationships between Socio-Cultural Attitudes towards Appearance Inherent in Media and Preoccupation with Body Shape among University Students.
Farhan Kamrani, Bushra Khan and Khadija Mustafa
Gender Difference in Executive Functioning Among Secondary School Students.
Samina Hussain and Uzma Ali
Gender Inequity At Workplace in Pakistani Higher Education Institutions.
Sadia Shaukat and Anthony Willium Pell
Domain Specific Self-Esteem of Adolescent Students: Does The Socioeconomic Position Matter?
Riaz Ahmed,Hina Imran, Rubina Feroz, Sarwat Jahan Khanam and Zaeema Riaz
Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Case Study of Depression
Mahnoor Shaikh and Zainab F. Zadeh
Perceived Parenting Style and Autonomy in Psychiatric Patients
Muhammad Azam Tahir and Sara Azam