Marital Satisfaction among Couples with Complementary Birth Order.


The present study aimed at comparing the difference between the marital adjustment of same and opposite birth order. 64 couples were taken in the sample, with the minimum of 3 years and maximum 15 years of marriage, without any diagnosis of infertility. Data collection was done using the consent form, a demographic information form, and The Spinier Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale (1995). It was hypothesized that Couples of opposite birth order have high marital adjustability as compared to couples of same birth order. Results obtained were analysed using Minitab Statistical Software. The data revealed significant difference between the two groups (t = 2.11, P = 0.019) thus verifies the hypothesis. This indicates that there is a greater marital adjustability among opposite birth order couples as compare to same birth order couples. 

Article 4