Self-Esteem of Socially Anxious and Non- Anxious University Students
Article 5


Self-esteem, social anxiety disorder, university students


The purpose of the present study was to investigate the Self-esteem of socially anxious university students. A total sample of 500 students comprising of 250 males and 250 females ranging between 17-25 years in age, with the educational background of 1st year to M.Sc final year were selected from different universities. Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale and the Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale were used to assess social anxiety disorder and the self-esteem of students. It was hypothesized that Social anxiety will be greater among female students as compared to male students. Additionally it was assumed that the self-esteem of socially anxious students would be low as compared to non-anxious students. The results were computed using t-test, chi- square, and all hypotheses were supported by the results. The findings of this research indicated that female students scored high on Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale as compared to male students. Socially anxious students scored low on the Rosenberg self-esteem scale as compared to non-anxious students. The limitations and recommendations of the study are mentioned in the last section.

Article 5