Role of Emotional and Social Intelligence in Various Work Settings: A Review of Current Psychological Literature
Article 5


Emotional and social intelligence, competencies, professional life, workplace


This paper explores the prominent and effective roles and characteristics of emotional and social intelligence (ESI) in the work setting. The paper thoroughly focuses on the various claims of researchers for the need and application of emotional and social intelligence competencies particularly in the work environment. It also explores the psychological aspects of emotional and social intelligence along with the future ramifications for professional life. In the modern age researchers have discovered the importance of emotional and social intelligence for the most dynamic organizations and the most satisfying and successful personal and professional lives. ESI has received considerable attention of employees in many workplaces, as a recipe for high achievement and success. In this regard the paper can provide guidelines for employees and employers to understand the principles of emotional and social intelligence. It can also be helpful to improve responsiveness, abilities and skills to be a star performer through the knowledge to integrate and apply the ESI. The paper provides useful directions to prompt and encourage the use of emotional and social competencies on the job for the betterment of employees and prosperity of organizations. 

Article 5