Pre-Service Teachers’ Personal and General Teaching Efficacy Beliefs: A Pre-Test and Post-Test Design
Article 2


Personal teacher efficacy, general teacher efficacy, pre-service teachers, teacher education program.


The study was carried out to determine pre-service teachers’ efficacy beliefs during a one year teacher education program. For this purpose 55 pre-service teachers were selected as a sample of the study. The Teacher Efficacy Beliefs scale developed by Gibson and Dembo (1984) was used for data collection purposes. This scale consisted of two factors: Personal Teaching Efficacy and General Teaching Efficacy beliefs. Data was collected at the beginning of the first semester and at the end of the last semester of the teacher education program. It is generally assumed that the pre-service teachers’ beliefs tend to increase with the progression of coursework. However, results indicated that pre-service teachers’ personal teaching efficacy increased, but general teaching efficacy beliefs decreased with the progression of coursework. The younger pre-service teachers held significantly high personal efficacy beliefs. No significant differences were found on gender and academic qualification.

Article 2