Job Satisfaction and Perceived Organizational Support as a Susceptibility Factor of the Intention to Quit: A Cross-Cultural Study
Article 6


Job satisfaction, intention to quit, perceived organizational support


Organizational support has been accredited valuable consideration due to its profound impact on the workplace. Job satisfaction has been observed to be influenced by how supportive a work setting is perceived to be. Moreover, organizational support has been observed to influence the intention to quit. The present study investigated employee’s satisfaction with their jobs and intention to quit and the mediating role of perceived organizational support. A sample of 146 participants was collected from organizations. A data of 73 participants were collected from Karachi, Pakistan and 73 participants were collected from Abu Dhabi, UAE. Administration of the research measure on participants included: Demographic Details, the Global Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (GJSQ), Perceived Organizational Support Scale (POSS) and Intention to Quit Scale. It was found that job satisfaction significantly predicts the intention to quit and perceived organizational support (p <.000). Moreover, perceived organizational support predicts intention to quit (p <.000) significantly. However, perceived organizational support doesn’t mediate the relationship between job satisfaction and the intention to quit (p >.05).

Article 6