Self-Evaluations and Adjustment of Traditional and Mature University Students
Article 3


Self-evaluations, adjustment, traditional, mature university students


The association between global self-esteem and overall adjustment and the association between identity integration and institutional attachment/commitment was examined in traditional and mature university students. 165 students of first semester Masters (83 traditional and 82 mature) from six universities participated in this study. Traditional students were 21-23 years of age (M = 22, SD = .73), with a linear pattern of education without any gap, whereas mature students were aged 25 years or older (M = 31, SD = 7.42), and had returned to their education after a gap of minimum two years. The Multi-dimensional Self-Esteem Inventory, and Student Adaptation to College Questionnaire were administered for assessment. Bivariate analysis of the scores of students on these scales indicated a significant positive relationship between global self-esteem and overall adjustment for both groups, whereas identity integration correlated significantly and positively with institutional attachment/commitment for mature students but not for traditional students. Related factors for these findings and their implications are discussed in the last section of the study.

Article 3