The Difference of Depression and Coping Strategies among Infertile and Fertile Women


Depression, coping strategies, infertility, active avoidance coping, religious/denial coping


The Present research is an attempt to explore the difference in the level of depression, and use of coping strategies among fertile and infertile women. The sample of the study consisted of 160 women, the sample was divided into two groups, i.e., 80 fertile women (having at least one child), and 80 infertile women. Infertile women’s data was collected from private gynecologists’ clinics of Hyderabad city, and data for fertile women was collected from family members, friends, and colleagues. There were two hypotheses in the study i.e., infertile women will receive greater score on Siddiqui Shah Depression Scale than fertile women; Infertile women will receive greater score on Active Avoidance coping Scale and Religious/Denial Coping Scale than fertile women. For the measurement of variables, Brief Cope Scale (Akhtar, 2005) and Siddique Shah Depression Scale (Siddiqui & Shah, 1997) were used. The responses of both group’s sample on scales were computed with the help of mean, SD, and t- test through SPSS version 22. There was significant difference between the scores on Siddique Shah Depression Scale among fertile and infertile women where the infertile women received greater score on the scale. The results also revealed significant difference between the scores on Active Avoidance Coping, and Religious/Denial Coping Subscales of Brief Cope Scale.