Assessing Emotional Neglect in Adolescents: A Scale Development and Psychometric Properties in Pakistani Adolescents
Article 5


Emotional neglect, depressive symptomatology, adolescents, validity, reliability, adolescents


University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan

Emotional neglect is said to be a risk factor for long lasting mental health problems in adolescents. This study aims to explore the experience and manifestation of emotional neglect in adolescents.  Initially, 29 items were generated through open-ended interview approach from 25 participants (13 boys & 12 girls) aged 10-19 years. After content validation, a pilot study was carried out on a self-report measure of emotional neglect on a sample of 10 participants (5 boys and 5 girls). Lastly, a sample of 350 participants (boys = 45%, girls = 55%) aged 10-19 years (M=17.23; SD=1.02) were tested for psychometric properties of Emotional Neglect Scale (ENS) along with a Depressive Symptomatology Scale. Exploratory Factor Analysis generated two factors of Emotional Neglect Scale (ENS) dominance and control and lack of attention. ENS showed sound reliability and validity. The scale found to have good internal consistency, construct validity and reliability. Findings are discussed in the light of factorial structure in Pakistani cultural context.

Article 5
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