Investigating the Possibility of Using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle for the Development of Khudi
Article 4


Experiential learning, khudi, lifelong learner, individual potential, goal setting


The present research article looks to make a comparison between Iqbal’s theory of development of ‘khudi’ through questioning, contemplating, reasoning, experimenting and creating with Kolb’s experiential learning theory that comprises of goal setting, concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. The article claims that all components of Iqbal’s theory of khudi can easily fit into Kolb’s experiential learning cycle and as such the cycle can be used to further Iqbal’s cause of attainment of khudi. Where the purpose of Kolb’s experiential learning cycle is to make lifelong learners by expanding participant’s potential to its fullest through engaging them in a learning process; the purpose of Iqbal’s khudi demands the achievement of a profounder personality that enables an individual to rely on one’s own potentials. The aim of both the theories is to fully develop the potential of individuals making them more aware of their capabilities. 

Article 4
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