Construction and Validation of Ego Integrity Scale for Older Adults of Pakistan
Article 1


Ego integrity, reliability, convergent validity, older adults


The present study was carried out to construct and validate Ego Integrity scale for older adults of Pakistan based upon the theory of Erikson (1973) and Pecks task of ego integrity (1968). The factorial validity and internal consistency was determined on a sample of 305 late adults (male = 191, female = 114) recruited from different cities of Punjab. The scale was subjected to principal component analysis using Varimax rotation method and 15 items were retained in three well defined factor structure, which collectively accounted for 35.63% of the total variance with .81 alpha reliability.  The three factors were named, ego differentiation (α=.74), ego transcendence (α=.60) and body transcendence (α=.54). Results revealed significant effect of education on ego integrity and there were not any significant gender differences in ego integrity. Convergent validity of ego integrity scale was proved by finding positive correlation with self-efficacy scale. The Scale of Ego Integrity (EI) is a promising measure with good homogeneity, internal consistency and a meaningful pattern of validity.

Article 1