Translation and Adaptation of Coping Strategies Short Form in Pakistan
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Urdu Version of Coping Strategies Inventory-Short Form, problem focused, avoidant focused depression, psychometric properties


The objective of the current study is to translate and adapt Coping Strategies Inventory-Short Form (CSI-SF; Tobin, 1995) into Urdu language and also to determine the psychometric properties of this measure. After translation the Urdu Version of the scale was administered on the sample of 100 adults, with age ranges between 25-60 years (M= 37.68) were approached from different government and private institutes situated in Karachi, Pakistan. The reliability of the CSI-SF was assessed through the analysis of Cronbach alpha and Split-half reliability.  The measures of the study included Coping Strategies Inventory-Short Form (Tobin, 1995) English Urdu version of CSI-SE and Siddiqui Shah Depression Scale (SSDS; Siddiqui & Shah, 1997). Results found significant correlation between English and Urdu version of the CSI-SF Scale (r=.80, p<.01) along with the item total correlation ranging from r=.31 to r=.61 and item-item correlations ranging from r=.38 to r=.81 inferring the CSI-SF Urdu version to have a good linguistic equivalence. The reliability assessments indicate good internal consistency (α= .78) and Guttman Split-Half Coefficient (r=.82, p<.01) Results show significant relationship of problem focused coping and depression (r=-.491) and between avoidant focused coping and depression (r= .388). Urdu version of CSI-SF found to be a reliable and a valid measure of coping strategies for Pakistani population.

Article 4
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