Organizational Justice, Personality Types and Turnover Intentions
Article 5


Distributive justice, procedural justice, personality type, turnover intentions


Objective of the present study was to find out the relationship of organizational justice with turnover intentions and also the difference in turn over intentions in Type A and type B personality style. After literature review following hypotheses were formulated 1) Organizational justice would be positively correlated with turnover intentions, 2) There would be a significant difference in turnover intentions of type A and type B personality. Sample size of the study consisted on 90 male and female teaching staff of universities in Lahore. Cammann, Fichman, Jenkins, and Klesh (1979) questionnaire to measure Turnover Intentions, organizational justice measure by Joy and Witt (1992) and personality test by Glazer (1985), was utilized to identify the types of personality in A and B categories. Descriptive statistics, correlation analysis and t-test were applied to examine the data. Results (Mean = 3.48, σ = .92, r = -.288, P <.01) showed the negative and significant association among distributive justice and turnover intentions and procedural justice found to have a negative and insignificant relation with turnover intentions (Mean = 3.46, σ = .94, r = -.187, P >.01). According to the result (Mean Type A= 2.79 & Mean Type B= 2.40, t= 2.241, P <.05), further, personality type “A” was found to have more turnover intentions as compared to type “B” personality.

Article 5