The Analytical Study of Iqbal’s Thoughts: Mystical Experience and Concept of Divine Love
Article 3


Allama Iqbal, philosophy, divine love, mysticism, qualitative study


The main purpose of this study was to probe deeply the philosophy of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal through the concept of divine love. This paper tried to analytically explore the Iqbal’s notion of mysticism and the mystic’s attitude in facing the worldly life. The exploration was focused on his concept of divine love and mystical experience. Methodology of this study was based on qualitative inquiry and analytical research. The tools for collecting data were books, articles, reference books, web sources, magazines and newspapers. The primary sources were Masnavi and Bang e Dara which had been utilized to make this research more authentic. The secondary sources were books, libraries, internet, articles, reference books, magazines and newspapers which were used to explore the concept of divine love. All the tools had been used to collect relevant material and to answer the research questions. The result was concluded by analyzing the philosophy of Allama Iqbal on the concept of divine love. Mysticism, in Iqbal’s understanding, was the human inner world in capturing reality as a whole or non-serial time reality behind his encounter with the Ultimate Ego. For him, there were two experiences, which were, normal one and mystical one.

Article 3
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