From Comfort to Discomfort: Analysis of Burn Injuries
Article - 3


Acid burn, body image discontentment, shaming, social rejection


Non-accidental acid burn injury is considered as a terrible type of violence in which a victim experiences the persistent facial disfiguring and as well as blindness (Mannan, Ghani, Sen, Clarke, & Butler, 2004). It has been observed that these kinds of injuries result in dreadful traumatic experiences for the victim and leading to perturbed psychological condition. The objective of the current study was to investigate and analyze the psychosocial problems and body image discontentment of acid burn victims in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. A sample of 24 female acid burn victims with ages ranging between 20 to 40 years (M=29.34; SD=9.18) were approached through purposeful sampling from various burn centers and hospitals of Karachi. It was a qualitative research study carried out with the help of Focus group discussions. Outcomes were critically evaluated and analyzed through content analysis. It was found that the victims suffer a high level of pain and frustration during the burn care treatment. Due to pain and trauma resulting from the horrific memories of violent attacks, they were unable to deal and cope with daily routine and had to struggle to carryout day to day activities of life. The impact adversely effects the psychological, physical, and emotional wellbeing resulting in various psychopathologies.  Due to the body image dissatisfaction their confidence level had reduced thus resulting in social withdrawal and isolation. However, it was found that some had effectively learned to cope up with trauma and return to their normal lives. The general themes of shaming, social rejection, lacking confidence, dissatisfaction with body were common in acid burn victims.

Article - 3
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