Emotional Maturity, Forgiveness, and Marital Satisfaction among Dual Earner Couples
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Emotional maturity, dual earner couples, forgiveness, marital satisfaction


This study investigated the role of emotional maturity and forgiveness as correlates and predictors of marital satisfaction among dual earning earner couples. Using quantitative correlational survey research design, a sample of 50 couples (N=100; Husbands n=50 & Wives n=50) was approached through the non-probability purposive sampling strategy. Participants completed Emotional Maturity Scale (Waheed, Rasheed, & Kausar, 2015), Heartland Forgiveness Scale (Thompson et al., 2005) and Relationship Assessment Scale (Hendrick, 1988). Emotional maturity and forgiveness had a significant positive relationship with marital satisfaction (p < .05). Results also showed that forgiveness of others (β = .20; p < .05) and forgiveness of situations (β = .22; p < .05) were significant predictors of marital satisfaction among dual earner couples. Findings of this study imply that family life educators in the future, should consider emotional maturity and forgiveness when contemplating about enhancing marital quality.

Article - 1
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