Socio-psychological Perceptions & Experiences of Etiology amongst Type II Diabetics; A Qualitative Study of Primary Health Care in Rural Sargodha

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Diabetes care, socio-psychological factors, etiology, type 2 diabetes, primary health care


The presented study explored the patients’ perspectives and experiences regarding the cause of illness (etiology) and mode of onset. The study aimed to understand the socio-psychological factors that lead to certain decisions in terms of reaching the health facility for diagnosis and treatment. The study used the theoretical framework of patients’ explanatory model of Arthur Kleinman (1978). The study was conducted in Chak 104 North Bound Sargodha by using District Health Information System. The above mentioned locale was found to have most number of diabetics without any outreach. An in-depth interview guide was designed based on preliminary field work and informal interviews with the registered patients in the catchment area of Rural Health Center (RHC) Chak 104 NB. The in-depth interviews were conducted with (N=71) adherent and non-adherent male and female diabetic individuals. The study found that most of the respondents related their illness with trauma, tragic episode(s) and experiencing grief and sadness. Respondents related the cause of diabetes with the death of a family member, downfall in business and experience of certain domestic and financial issues. The findings of the current study are consistent with various studies references, and it has implications for the stakeholders and primary health care providers the perceptions and experiences of the diabetics for capacity building and contextualizing the diabetes care in the rural areas of Punjab, Pakistan.