Identity Achievement of Adolescents; Predicting Role of Spirituality

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Spirituality, Identity Achievement, Identity Exploration and Commitment, Adolescents


The current research aimed to explore the relationship of Spirituality, Closeness to God and Identity Achievement among Adolescents in a quantitative correlational research survey design. Through purposive convenient sampling, adolescents N=350 (Male n=208 & Female n=142) were approached; age ranging from 15-21 years (M=17.99, SD=1.79), from different educational institutes of Karachi. Data was collected through Daily Spiritual Experience Scale and Ego Identity Process Questionnaire. It was hypothesized that there will be a positive relationship between Spirituality, Closeness to God and Identity Achievement (Exploration & Commitment) and that adolescents with different levels of spirituality will differ in the levels of identity achievement. The findings revealed a significant weak positive relationship of Commitment with spirituality and Closeness to God, while no significant relationship between Exploration and Spirituality was found and there is a significant weak negative relationship between Closeness to God and Exploration. It can be interpreted that there is a weak partial positive relationship between Spirituality and Identity Achievement. Findings also revealed significant differences in the levels of commitment of adolescents with different levels of spirituality (Ƞ2=.04) and levels of closeness to God (Ƞ2=.05). Current findings have implications in educational settings, curriculum development and counselling.