July 2017 Vol – 16, (2)

Relationship of Organizational Justice and its Dimension with Turnover Intention among Employees of Electronic Media
Amna Ali and Imran Bukhari
Intrinsic-Extrinsic Religious Orientation and Depression: A Correlational Study
Saba Yasein and Fazeela Moghal
Personality Traits as Predictor of Job Performance in Police Officers
Afsheen Masood, Rafia Rafique, Shahzada Qaisar and Rubab Musarat
Motivation, Challenges and Strategies in Pursuing Higher Education by Pakistani Women: A Qualitative Study
Saba Abid and Bushra Khan
Meaning in Life and Psychological Well-Being among Flood Victims in Pakistan: The Moderating Role of Resilience
Mazhar Iqbal Bhatti and Asghar Ali Shah
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Features and Rejection Sensitivity: Attitude of University Students towards Cosmetic Surgery Acceptance
Saima Gul and Kehkashan Urooj