January 2014                         Vol – 13, (1)

Social Anxiety as a Predictor of Adjustment Problems in Female Students during Adolescence
Riaz Ahmad, Zakia Bano, Zaeema Riaz and Kausar Ansari
Pre-Service Teachers’ Personal and General Teaching Efficacy Beliefs: A Pre-Test and Post-Test Design
Sadia Shaukat and Aishah Siddiquah
Trait Emotional Intelligence as Determinant of Self Concept in Interpersonal Relationships in Adolescents
Salman Shahzad, Nasreen Begum and Areej Mukhtar Khan
Work as a Life Stressor and Social Resource between Middle Aged Working Married Men and Women in Karachi
Zainab Hussain Bhutto and Erum Kausar
Role of Emotional and Social Intelligence in Various Work Settings: A Review of Current Psychological Literature
Nagina Parveen and Ali Muhammad Soomro
Case Study: Application of Contingent Reinforcement Procedures on Disruptive Classroom Behavior
Kiran Bashir Ahmad and Sunia Khalid